As a manufacturer of bogies, articulations and components for the railcar market, we look back on almost 10 years of experience. To date, over 120 bogies built by SAMES and 625 bogies engineered by SAMES have been operating successfully for several years. SAMES offers you to obtain either final products or just engineering service in rolling stock sector.

Development, manufacture and delivery of

  • Bogies
  • Articulation systems
  • Hydro-pneumatic springs with auto-levelling
  • Vibration technology
  • Test machines

Auto-levelling systems

incl. hydro-pneumatic spring-damper


levelling above rail, constant floor height, unattached by load case

  • variable spring characteristic
  • integrated displacement and pressure measurement

Articulation systems

Sames articulations unite high ability to withstand stress

whereby they have a compact design and a exceedingly

low weight.The screwed connection to the carbody allows

the customer to do maintenance work very easily.

  • efficient design, low weight
  • compact design
  • upper articulation (yaw, yaw-pitch or yaw-pitch-roll)
  • flat design (from 120 to 200 mm height available)


SAMES LRV-bogies unite all advantages of low-floor technology together with the positive driving behavior and passenger comfort of classical bogie. Bogies are available from 1000 to 1676 mm gauge. Beside the standard steel-coil spring, SAMES offers the optional hydro-pneumatic auto-height levelling system. Convince yourself of the positive characteristics of the new SAMES bogies. Further information you can find in download area.

Latest News

10 / 2016 -  Auto-levelling systems  Discover our latest developments in auto-levelling suspension systems.

06 / 2016 -  "Autentic" tram unveiled   SAMES Engineering performed the bogie develoment process for Astra Vagoane Calatori new standard gauge tramway.

05 / 2016 -  

Straßenbahn-Consulting  GT6N und GT8N - Zulassung erteilt!



03 / 2016 - Mobile RTRsys                   EN 14363 Railway Test Rig System and Multi-axial test machine for durability tests


03 / 2016 - Konstruktive Integration einer Feststoffschmiereinheit in bestehende Fahrwerke des GT6N und GT8N der VAG Nürnberg

Konstruktion, Festigkeitsnachweis und Produktionsdokumentation

12 / 2015 - Festigkeitsnachweis für eine Infotainment-Bildschirmhalterung

Komplexe Betrachtung der kraftschlüssigen Verbindung an den Haltestangen

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